Chapter Two – Battle Spirit and Daisy Haters

Chapter Two – Battle Spirit and Daisy Haters

After most of the cats were not on catnip anymore, Bramblestar (who was still on catnip) jumped onto the highledge and yowled,”We are going to attack Shadowclan in a week!” Then Daisy wrapped her tail around all the kits protectively and yowled in a sing song voice,”You shout it out, but I can’t hear a word you say!”

“It’s not time to be singing ‘titanium’, Daisy!”

Daisy blushed.

A twoleg scientist appeared out of no where and yelled,”Cats can’t blush!”

“We know that!” Yelled Amberkit.

“Stop hollering!” Screamed Dewkit to Amberkit.

“Stop screaming!” Hollered Snowkit to Dewkit.

“Anyway,” said the scientist before he said,”I don’t like you Daisy.”

Now Daisy was bawling her eyes out, Mintstar of Justinclan (my character in Thunderclan, as for the nickname for Thunderclan, I hate Justin Bieber, so don’t ask) went up to Daisy and told her, “Many people don’t like you Daisy, and one way to help yourself is to get into battle spirit!”

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