Chapter Three – Disappearating

Chapter Three – Disappearating

“Chapter tree!” “Cut!”


Sorry about that. Well, you are probably wondering what happened to the scientist. Well, when he saw a patrol being led by Daisy’s mates, Smokey and Spiderleg to attack him, he disappeared.

Ivypool, who was madly in love with Harry Potter, yowled excitedly,”OMG! He disapearated!” (I think that is how you spell it.)

Then Ivypool thought for a moment before blasting off about the difference between appearating and disappearating. She stopped for a moment before she said, “And you have to remember the three d’s. Or is it the three p’s? No, I’m pretty sure it is the three d’s. Well anyways-” She was cut off as she sneezed. Knowing the silence wouldn’t last long, Berrynose started to sing “On Top Of Spaghetti.” Ivypool shot him a glare and continued talking. Dewkit had an idea and told it to the deputy of Justinclan, Pineapplefur. Pineapplefur nodded before running into the forest and a minute later he yelled,”Harry Potter’s here!”  “I’m coming Harry!” Ivypool yowled excitedly before running into the forest. Then Bramblestar made Lilykit and Seedkit apprentices. Bumblestripe was Seedkit’s mentor and Jayfeather was Lilykit’s mentor.

”This calls for a party!” They turned to see Ivypool and Berrynose said,”Shouldn’t you be with Harry Potter?”

“Na, he disapearated before I got there.”

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