Cats you haven’t met yet


Sandstorm’s kits

  • Fernkit (named after Ferncloud) Light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
  • Hollykit (named after Hollyleaf) fluffy black she-cat with green eyes
  • Primrosekit (Princess sounds like primrose so she’s actually named after Firestar’s sister) blind light brown tabby she-cat with white paws and belly and blue eyes
  • Firekit (named after Firestar) orange tom with green eyes

Justinclan (No description)

  • Leader- Mintstar
  • Deputy- Pineapplefur
  • Warriors- Dewheart, Hollyfur, Brightspirit, Goldenpelt, Whitefur, Tigertail, Spottedowl, Breezeheart, Willowfur Apprentices-blackpaw, Twistling, Whistler, Dearpaw
  • Elders- Witfoot
  • Outside the clans- Angelpaw, Great scar, Red scars (Army)



Ever wondered what happened after the battle with the dark forest?  Well, rats came to the lake, carrying the disease of comedy and randomness!  Now the clans have everything from books to laptops!  Now they have a Harry Potter loving Ivypool and a Justin Bieber loving Applefur!  Even though life is so different now, the clans love it more than ever! Maybe it is because you can get pregnant and give birth to kits in a moon!  Well, I’d better let you read the story now!  Get ready for craziness!!!

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