Chapter Four – Anansi and the moss covered rock

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Crowfeather was bored out of his mind. His step-daughter Heathertail was making him listen to a country music playlist with songs from Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan and many others.

“I hate country,” He muttered.

“How dare you!!!!!!!!!!” Screeched Heathertail, (And all versions of me) “If you don’t listen to this I’ll take away your sparkly pink diary!!!!!”

“Not diar-baby!” Cried Crowfeather, running off to save his ‘diar-baby’, and Heathertail rolled her eyes.


Krestelflight sighed. He was very bored. Putting away herbs were almost as boring as washing the dinner dishes. And that was saying a lot. Krestelflight sighed. At least that was one of the perks of being a medicine cat. No dishwashing duties. And then, who decides to show up? The most annoying kit in the history of the world, Talkkit.


His name used to be Stonekit, and then his parents changed it to Talkkit as soon as he could talk. Now his sister is actually called Drearykit and thier parents are deaf. How does he hold all that air?

Krestelflight sighed again. His day was about to become interesting.

“HiuncleKrestelwinghowareyouareyougoodbecauseimgood*He pauses for a breath*andsayingimfineisironicbecauseiminthedoctorsoffice!Canyoureadtome- -thebookanansiandthemosscoveredrock?”

Krestelflight sighed yet again. “No I can’t. I’m too busy.”



“Fineyourmeanandihateyou,” He pouted.

Krestelwing smiled in relief. Finally. But then he was startled by a spider appearing in front of him. “Aghhh!” He cried.

“Hi!” The spider said. “What’s that?” He pointed to a seemingly harmless rock.

“Oh, uh, that’s a moss covered rock-” Everything went black.

Krestelwing woke up a few hours later to find all his herbs stolen.

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