Love Lit By Embers

Soren was flying over a vast forest fire looking for a place to dive into the raging flames. This was an exceptionally difficult fire to manuver, but it wasn’t anything that the colliering chaw couldn’t handle. He spotted a small opening and signaled to Otulissa that he was going in. He dived in without hesitating, doing a perfect power dive. As he scanned the coal beds for a good ember, he heard what he thought was a whimper behind him. He swivelled his head in a certain way to hear the sound better.

“Help me, help me!”

Soren was so suprised he almost went yeep. It was the screech of a Barn Owl! As Soren flew towards were the sound was coming from, he started getting more information. It seemed that this owl was a female, and that there were no owls with her.

Soren flew towards the hollow he thought she was in, and sure enough, there she was!

Soren would never forget the look on her face.

“PURE ONE!!!” She screeched shooting towards him. She hit him square in the chest, knocking him off his perch. Soren was only able to save himself because he was an expert at special wing work in fires.

“I’m not a Pure One!” Soren screeched, zooming up to where the female owl was.”I’m the reason they are shattered right now!”

“You are?” She asked a hint of doubt in her eyes.

Soren nodded.”But my friend Twilight was the one who killed Klu-Metal Beak,” Soren corrected, knowing that most owls didn’t know his brother’s name.”Anyways, let me help you.”

The Barn Owl nodded, and Soren lifted off, hearing that she was following him.

He spotted an opening in the fire and headed towards it, emerging from the raging fire, all in the meanwhile making sure the Barn Owl was following him. He headed towards the spot were Otulissa had been flying, and noticed the Spotted Owl was a bit more to his port side than when he had left.

“Hey Otu,” He called,”I think I’ve caught my biggest ember yet!”

Otulissa spun around, her eyes wide, then brought them back to their original size when she realized that his ‘Ember’ was the owl flying next to him. She churred softly and told him,”I’ve been getting worried, you were taking so long, SORY.”

Soren chose to ignore that. He knew that she was deeply annoyed by that nickname, and he didn’t realy feel like making her say the On-Your-Spronk word. He turned to the Barn Owl and was able to observe her for the first time. What he saw was a Barn Owl so beautiful it almost took his breath away.

“H-hi,” he stammered,”M-my name is S-Soren. W-whats yours?”

“My name is-” She cut off as a feathery streak of lightning almost as bright as an electrical one zoomed towards Otulissa. It slowed down and became Ruby, a Short-eared Owl.

“Glowworm.” She panted, dropping the fiery ember favored by Bubo, the Tree’s blacksmith, into the bucket Otulissa was holding and flew away.

Otulissa turned to Soren and told him,”We better get back to the tree.”

The other owl’s eyes widened.”You mean the great tree, the great tree of Ga’Hoole?”

Soren nodded.”It’s nothing special. You’ll realize that when you start your training to become a Guardian.

Her eyes widened even more.”A Guardian? You mean I’m gonna be a Guardian?”

Soren nodded again, and the female owl was so stunned she was speechless.

Otulissa did a roll-call, and soon they were flying back home. Soren was squinting, looking for the faint outline of the ocean when he looked down into Otulissa’s bucket. He himself had found a couple good embers, Ruby had gotten three glowworms and another good ember, and Martin had cought a bonk coal on the fly. Soren then remembered that he had never gotten the new owl’s name. He banked toward Starboard and flew next to her.”I never got your name,” He told her. She swivlled her head.

“My name’s Pellimore, but you can call me Pelli.”

Soren nodded.”Pelli,” He murmered,”What a beautiful name for a beautiful owl……”

Pelli turned her head again.”What did you say and what do you mean?” She asked.

Soren blinked to clear his head.” I don’t know.” He told her.What did I mean?

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