Dark Ripples ~ Chapter Four

Ripplepaw was bouncing up and down excitedly. She was turning twelve moons old, which meant she was going  to b a warrior!

She was lost in her happy thoughts, but was brought back to earth by a cat clearing its throat behind her. Ripplepaw spun around to see her sister, Snowpaw, standing behind her.

“Huh?” She asked, in suprise. Her sister hadn’t talked to her in moons.

“I know you may be suprisedto see me talking to you of all people, but I just wanted to let you know that I am most likely going to become a warrior tommorow,” said Snowpaw in a very pretentious manner.

Ripplepaw froze in delight “We are?” She asked, her voice joyful.

“I never said anything about you, Ripplepaw. I doubt your mentor has even asked for you to become a warrior, so don’t get you hopes up, becuase-” Snowpaw got distracted by the sight of Troutpaw, now Trouttooth, coming up to join them.

“Hi Troutpaw! How was fishing! Did you catch any big fish? I bet you did!” She purred.

“Hey Snowpaw, Ripplepaw!” said Trouttooth joyfully.

Snowpaw, trying to get Trouttooths attention purred at him,”I’m gonna be a warrior tommorow.”

This caught Trouttooths attention and he turned to Ripplepaw and purred,”Congratulations, Ripplepaw, almost warrior!”

He completely ignored Snowpaw, causing her to puff up in rage and hiss,”Not her, silly, me! I never said anything about her mentor approving, only mine.”

Trouttooth blinked in confusion, and swung his head towards Snowpaw.”Well… Um…. Okay?….” He stammered, then turned and walked away.

Ripplepaw sensed that this was the time to leave, knowing that her sister would soon get into a mad fit. Spoiled brat, she thought while walking away.

She went over to the fresh-kill pile, selecting a small Perch for herself and dragging it over to the log that lay next to the small stream at the back of the camp. She plopped down next to her best friend, Sparrowwing, and the started eating. They heard a yowl of rage and looked up.

“Your sisters in one of her fits again.” Observed Sparrowwing

Ripplepaw nodded.”Trouttooth completely ignored her earlier,” She replied.

“That would do it,” Finished Sparrowwing. They then started chatting, forgetting all about Snowpaw, or anything else for that matter.


Ripplepaw looked up.

Her mentor stood above her and smiled. “You’re gonna have your warrior ceremony tomorrow!” She mewed.

Ripplepaw smiled, and felt Sparrowwing put his paw on hers. “You deserve it,” He told her.

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