Dark Ripples ~ Chapter One

“Ripplepaw! Ripplepaw!”  What was Troutpaw doing know?  Was he holding  up a giant fish he “caught” but was actually the biggest one he could find in the fresh-kill pile? Or was he boasting about swimming to the other side of the lake, running into a Thunderclan patrol and swimming back to camp unharmed?  But this time Troutpaw was standing still, with a gleeful  look on hs face.

“Watch me!” he shouted.  He suddenly pushed off the ground with his paws.  Ripplepaw watched in amazement as he did a backflip.  As Troutpaw landed heavily on his paws, he smiled at the look of amazement.

Ripplepaw quickly thought, ‘Oh no!  He thinks he’s impressed me!’ “Well I can do three in a row,” Ripplepaw found herself saying.

“Oh yeah, show me!” Troutpaw mewed challengingly.

‘What have I gotten myself into’ she suddenly realized. She had no choice but to crouch down. She closed her eyes before she pushed off with her paws. She felt wind in her fur and in a heartbeat she had landed. She rested for a moment before she pushed off the ground. Ripplepaw opened her eyes in mid-air. She had barely touched the ground when she pushed off the ground. Ripplepaw captured that moment in the air before she landed. She left Troutpaw staring in amazement as she went to share some carp with her friend Sparrowpaw.

*                                                                  *                                                          *

Ripplepaw was returning to the Apprentices den after doing dirt. She froze as she saw eyes. ‘Shadowclan!’ She realized in astonishment. “Attack!” The leader yowled as she cried out the warning.

The clearing was full of cats. She saw Unfamiliar cats and familiar cats. ‘Rogues and Shadowclan!’

Ripplepaw flipped off a cat that had jumped on her back and reconized it as Batpaw.
His bluish-black pelt shone in the moonlight. His friend, Firepaw, joined him. They lept on to her so for a moment she was buried under two cats.

The wieght was lifted and she saw that Wisperpaw had come to her rescue.”Thank you,” Ripplepaw breathed, thankful that he had come. Whisperpaw disapeared and she fought the apprentices with the help of her clanmate, Podheart.

‘I wonder where Whisperpaw disapeared to,’ she wondered.

The cats cleared as she heard a yowl. Whisperpaw was bounding towards Littlestar, The Riverclan leader, who was under a black rogue. He had a firm grip on her neck.

Whisperpaw leaped onto the rogue and grabbed the rogue’s neck. He hung on as the raven rouge bucked, trying to shake him off. The rogue’s limp body fell to the ground.

“Tooth!” A Tortoseshell cried. She grabbed Toothscar’s body and dragged him away. The other rogues followed, grabbing thier dead.

Ripplepaw looked around and saw three limp bodies. They belonged to Whiteblaze and Torntail. The third one belonged to Littlestar. The Riverclan deputy, Willowtuft, looked down and stared at Littlestar’s body, stricken with grief, for a moment before looking up at the Shadowclan leader, Ashstar.

“How dare you bring rogues to our camp! This is what rogues do!” She hissed. Willowtuft was bristling.

Ashstar looked down at her paws.”I forgot that. I am sorry.”

“Yes, that was very foolish of you to bring rogues to our camp.” Littlestar was now standing.

Ripplepaw sighed in relief. She was grateful that Littlestar hadn’t on her last life.

Ashstar turned around and led her warriors away. Their tails were drooping and they left slowly.

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