Dark Ripples ~ Chapter Seven

Ripplepelt’s eyes fluttered open. She was lying under a overhang, and the clearing was muddy. Cats had their heads hung in the dawn light, and were crowded around a spot.

Minnowstream padded over to Ripplepelt and she struggled to get up. Ripplepelt slumped back down. She felt exausted.

Minnowstream sat down in front of her. “Don’t try to get up. You’ve been through alot.” That’s when Ripplepelt remembered everything.

She let out a shriek and she rolled onto the muddy ground. Her legs kicked and she started to cry. The oter cats turned their heads in shock, and Whisperbreeze bounded over her. He pressed his flank against her to comfort her, and she slowly began to regain control of herself.

Whisperbreeze looked up at Littlestar. “No questions like you were planning. It will only make her worse.” But Littlestar looked worried. Whisperbreeze noticed that she padded over to Minnowstream and whispered something to her. They both looked uneasy. ‘What is she planning?’ He wondered. ‘It wasnt her fault, was it?’ He shook his head. Of course it wasn’t her fault! Would they rather she get killed, too?

Ripplepelt looked up. “Oh… Hi…” She tried to get up again but collapsed.

Whisperbreeze sighed and got up. “Here, I’ll help you.” Ripplepelt struggled to get up, and Pebblefoot helped push her up. Ripplepelt leaned on his shoulder and limped towards her dead clanmates with Whisperbreeze following.

When Ripplepelt arrived to the middle of the clearing, she sat down. She looked around and tears welled up in her eyes, but Whisperbreeze realized that when she looked at Trouttooth in her eyes there was a mixture of regret… And hatred, a burning hatred, more fierce than anything he had ever known. Ripplepelt turned away and sank down next to Sparrowfur, and started whispering to herself. Whisperbreeze turned away. He’d let her be alone.

He started to pad away, but noticed that the freshkill pile was not stocked. He decided to go hunt, away from the border of course. He made for the entrance of the camp, and as he came to it he heard whispers.

“What should we do about it?

“Littlestar can’t ignore this, can she?”

“The rouges have to pay!”

Whisperbreeze narrowed his eyes. Yes, the rouges would pay, but not now. They didn’t even know what had happened!

He stalked out of camp and turned right, heading towards the river at the Thunderclan border. He would hunt there.

He neared the area he was planning to hunt in, but sat down to think.

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