Dark Ripples ~ Chapter Three

Littlestar looked around the mostly empty camp. She sat, disturbed, from last nights dream. Why, out of all the warnings she could have given, Silvertail had to tell her that one of her cats wasn’t loyal?

Littlestar heard footsteps and turned to see their medicine cat, Minnowstream, padding towards her. Littlestar flicked her ear, and asked, “What is it Minnowstream?”

“I received a dream from Starclan last night!” Whispered Minnowstream. “They said, “A disturbance, revealing the dark things which happens underneath.” She continued.

“A prophecy!” Gasped Littlestar, her eyes wide. That was the second prophecy she had received!

Her pelt prickled with unease as she watched Ripplepaw pad into camp with her head held high, displaying a fat mouse she had just caught. ‘Ripples, dark water, they were all part of the prophecy.’

Littlestar knew that after the prophecy she had just received, she would probably never be able to trust Ripplepaw again. She could see that from the look on Minnowstream’s face that she was thinking the same thing.

She watched as Sparrowpaw emerged from the apprentices den and padded towards Ripplepaw. For the first time that day she smiled as she watched Ripplepaw put down her prey and give him an affectionate lick.

“Quite heartwarming, isn’t it?”

Littlestar nodded, caught in her own thoughts.

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