Dark Ripples ~ Prologue

A small white she-cat crouched on the forest floor.

“Who’s there?” she meowed.  A silver she-cat emerged from the shadows.

“Silvertail, you startled me!” said the white she-cat.  Silvertail looked at the white cat before bowing her head “Littlestar, you came.” …

“Why have you called me?”  Littlestar tilted her head, her eyes filled with a mixture of puzzle and worry.

Silvertail lowered her voice and whispered, “On a calm pool dark waves ripple across the surface, bringing to light the life underneath”

“What?”  Littlestar reeled back, her eyes wide with shock.

“Choose your actions well” Silvertail murmured as she started fading.

“Wait!”  Littlestar leaped forward, but Silvertail only faded faster.  The forest started fading too.  Darkness started to engulf Littlestar rapidly, and she choked out a cry of terror as she was swallowed by the blackness.

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