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Jeff was raised in Colorado and was active in outdoor sports growing up.  After attending St. Olaf College, he spent two years in Panama with the Peace Corps where he met Sharo.  After moving back to the US, Jeff realized that he had leftJeff his heart in Panama and asked Sharo to marry him.

After living in Seattle over the last 12 years and traveling minimally to Canada and Panama, Jeff had the opportunity to spend a month in China with his company.  That trip re-invigorated a desire to travel and explore the world and Jeff was soon pursuing an opportunity with his employer to move to Singapore.

Today, Jeff lives in Singapore with Sharo and Nancy and is starting learn the ins and outs of this beautiful city-state.  Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, meeting new people, and is starting to run a bit more.



Born in a small town in Panama, Sharo grew up wanting to travel the world.  While attending the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama, Sharo was introduced Sharoto Jeff by a common friend.  Jeff’s tales of adventure and travel piqued her interest and a dream was born.

A trip to China re-ignited the desire to live and travel in far-away foreign locations.  Then, in early 2012, Sharo brought home a copy of the Parent Map with an article about a family who had traveled the world for a year.  A new dream was born and Sharo encouraged Jeff to pursue opportunities abroad.

Perhaps the thing that scares Sharo more than anything about this move is her new role as teacher to Nancy, as Jeff and Sharo have decided to homeschool Nancy over the next few years.


Nancy Joined the Busch family 8 1/2 years ago and has been a blessing to her parents every day of her life.  She is funny, passionate, smart, courageous, Nancyoutgoing, and is a girlie-girl tom-boy.  A blue-belt in Tae-Kwon Do, she is also a voracious reader, loves music, and enjoys participating in plays and musicals.

In the first 4 months of 2013, Nancy will have been on 11 planes: during trips to Singapore, Panama, and Malaysia.   Needless to say, Nancy is excited for the opportunity to travel and get to know people and places throughout SE Asia.

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