Dark Ripples ~ Chapter Five

“I, Littlestar, leader of Riverclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Snowpaw and Ripplepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”

“I do.” Ripplepaw’s and Snowpaw’s voices ran out into the night.

Littlestar looked down at them for what seemed forever before she finally spoke.”Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name.” She turned to Snowpaw. “Snowpaw, from this moment you will be known as Snowstream. StarClan honors your determination and enthusiasm, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Riverclan.”

Snowstream looked at Ripplepaw with a smug look on her face and whispered,”Try to beat that name.”

Ripplepaw tried to ignore her sister and kept her gaze focused on Littlestar but her mind roiled with thoughts.’How can I get a better name then that?’ She thought as Littlestar looked directly at them and coughed slightly to get the sisters’ attention.

“Ripplepaw, from this moment you will be known as Rippleheart-Wait, no!” The crowd of cats gasped in shock. A clan leader taking back a cats name? Unthinkable!

Littlestar closed her eyes and took a deep breath before blinking her eyes back open.”You shall be known as Ripplepelt. StarClan honors your kindness and cleverness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Riverclan.”

Ripplepelt shut her eyes in dismay.’Even though -heart isn’t the most unique name, it beats -pelt any day!’ She, along with many others, wondered what had made Littlestar change her mind about one of the most well thought out things that leaders make. But, Minnowstream knew exactly what had happened. Littlestar had thought of the prophecy. And she was right.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

“Why Littlestar, why?” Littlestar looked up in suprise at the usually calm medecine cat. Minnowstream was pacing back and forth thinking about what had recently happened.”This could endanger the clan!” she hissed, arching her back and fluffing up her fur.

“But-But how could anyone know about the prophecy?” Littlestar stammered. That was true. No one except Littlestar and Minnowstream knew about the prophecy Minnowstream had received. “A disturbance, revealing the dark thing which happen underneath,” Had been the message and both of them suspected it had something to do with Ripplepelt.

“Someone may have heard it! If we want Ripplepelt to have complete loyalty to us, we must trust her!”

Littlestar flinched as she heard Minnowstream mention loyalty. Could this have something to do with the strange message Silvertail had given her? Littlestar hadn’t told Minnowstream about it yet.

“Listen,” She started slowly.”A few nights ago Silvertail came to me in my dreams.”

Minnowstream stoped and blinked in suprise as her ears perked up.

“She told me,’A great danger will arive, but there will be many dangers before that. And one of those perils, happens to be right around the corner. And to survive it, all depends on the loyalty of your clan’s cats.'”

Minnowstream suddenly looked very agitated.”This is bad, very bad!” She exclaimed and went back to pacing, then froze.”We have rough times ahead.” She suddenly froze and wheeled around to face Littlestar.”Any sign of disloyalty from Ripplepelt must mean immediate exile!”

Littlestar blinked.”No, I have a feeling that it will not just be her, but the problem will be centered around her.”

Minnowstream gave Litttlestar a hard stare.”She will destroy our clan!”



I do not own warriors, only every character mentioned in this FanFiction and the FanFiction and plot itself.

Warrior Name Ceremony was copied from Warriors Wiki.

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