Dark Ripples ~ Chapter Six

Ripplepelt emerged from the den, took a deep breath, and looked around. As she let out her breath, a cloud of fog came out and soon disappeared into the cold morning.

Podheart was lazing in a sunny corner of the camp while watching her kits play, and  Redleaf was eating a Carp with his mate, Owlheart. Owlheart looked up and saw Ripplepelt and smiled. “Hey Ripplepelt!” The young warrior called.”I think Willowpelt assigned you to the sunrise patrol!”

“She did.”

Ripplepelt groaned. Not Trouttooth. She turned around to face the afully annoying cat.

“Anyways,” Trouttooth continued,”I was able to get Willowpelt to let you come on a hunting patrol with Sparrowwing and I instead.”

Ripplepelt sighed.”Fine then. We’ll leave soon. We can probably hunt near the Shadowclan border, as they’ve been hostile lately and we can back up the border patrol if they attack.” She looked expectantly at Trouttooth, almost as if she was challenging him to come up with a better idea.

Trouttooth thought about it for a second before replying hesetantly.”Well, I was sort of hoping that we could hunt at the stream near the edge of our territory, where not many cats go. It would be interesting to see what viarity we have there.”

Ripplepelt nodded.”That would make sense, too. We could split up, but there are so many small tributaries in that section it might be best if we stick together. But we must also remember the thick undergrowth there.” She then padded off towards Sparrowwing.


Trouttooth looked around.”We probably should split up. Ripplepelt, you go that derection,” He pointed one way.”Sparrowwing, you go the otherway, and I’ll go strait forward.” Ripplepelt and Sparrowwing both nodded, then split off and went towards the derection Trouttooth had specified.

Ripplepelt hadn’t gone too far when she scented a rabbit. How strange, she thought. Even with the thicker undergrowth, these sorts of prey were unusual in Riverclan terretory, especially during leaf-bare. Even though Riverclan wasn’t used to this prey and she was still in the area where Trouttooth was hunting she still decided to try and hunt the rabbit. She froze and tried to remember what she had learned, as it was necessary to learn how to hunt prey other than fish, even though most Riverclan cats didn’t like land-prey.

Ripplepelt raised her muzzle and detected that she was slightly up-wind. She then padded softly in a wide arc to get on the other side of the rabbit. She started to inch forward slowly and softly, laying down her paws carefully. She hunched down and was about to spring when there was a yowl of pain.

Forgetting all about the rabbit, she jolted up and started bounding towards where the yowl had come from. She leaped over tributaries and rocks but as she set down a paw she felt it catch under a root and sent her sliding. She gasped and struggled to her paws. She heard a comotion coming from the nearby bushes. She leaped through and froze in shock.

Trouttooth was pinning Sparrowwing to the ground and held his neck between in his jaws. Sparrowwing squirmed, trying to shake him off.

Ripplepelt narrowed her eyes. “Let go of him!” She yowled, leaping at him. She fastened her teeth on Trouttooth’s scruff, trying to pull him off. Sparrowwing’s body gave a shudder and he went limp, his eyes turning cloudy then rolling back. Ripplepelt couldn’t believe it, and in her fury she bit down harder than she had ever bit down before.

There was a loud crack, and Trouttooth gasped, then fell still. Ripplepelt gave a yowl of shock and stumbled back, her eyes wide. A slight drizzle started, then turned to a full-on downpour. Ripplepelt started to run, throwing up waves of mud. She stumbled and fell into a small stream of water and started to be swept downstream.

She coughed and tried to see the bank, but the chaotic waters blocked her view. She took a deep breath and plunged under water, diving down to the deepest depths so she could see the other side. She swam up to it and sank her claws into the clay, then started to slowly hual herself up through the waters. She let out a gasp as she resufaced, then hualed herself onshore.

Ripplepelt let herself catch her breath for a couple of moments, then started running against the on coming winds. She tried to fight her way towards camp, but was pushed back. After a long time, she finally was able to get close, and she bolted past the guard with almost all of her strength.

She stumbled into the open and yowled,”The rouges! They killed Troouttooth and Sparrowpelt!” She drew in one ragged breath and collapsed.

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