Shimmerstar’s Secret, Dark Ripples and more

Hello! I’m so sorry for how long I’ve been away. The blog was not working!


You may remember my main project, Shimmerstar’s Secret. You may think it has disappeared. But fear not! It has simply been re-edited and changed to ‘Dark Ripples’. A lot has changed since I started the fanfiction, and my writing has improved and changed. I also have learned about the concept of ‘Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus’ and have adjusted my characters appropriately.

I would love if you could go and read the updated versions of the chapters! The old posts have simply been updated.

I have also changed the cover.



Shimmerstars secret title photo








Cover1 copy







Now, my social media.

On Instagram there is my personal account for acquaintances only, @the_travel_cat , My LPS account @lionblaze_lps , and the Star Wars account I am an admin of, @girlsofstarwars . I am Ahsoka/The hat emoji.

On youtube I am +lionblaze lps aj , and on Piccollage I am OtulissaOwl , and on Always Ice cream I am Mintstar “Ailyn Vel” currently.

My mother said I might get a account! This would be a dream come true. I have wanted one for two and a half years. If this happens I will be OtulissaOwl , as this is the name I have reviewed under for the past few months.

And if this happens, I will post most of my fanfictions there. I will continue some of them here as well as there, and post my original stories here.


Chow for now,


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